Seafood From Morocco

A growing sector

Being in a geographically strategic position, accompanied with a growing fishing sector and diversified fishery resources, Morocco is placed as the leading producer and exporter of fishery products in Africa and among the first ranks in the world. This has enabled development of reputation, nationally and internationally, while offering a wide range of fishery products. Fishing, its processing facilities, and valuations of produced fish products are engines of economic and social developments in Morocco.

The processing plants process a large number of fish caught by the fleets due to refined fishing techniques and production technology, ancestral know-how of industrialists, a qualified workforce, a high-performance capacity, and proximity to international markets.

The Moroccan fishing industry has been able to develop products with high added value, introduce new products and new combinations of ingredients, which has made it possible to diversify the export markets while meeting the required quality and safety standards. The abundance of fishery resources along the Moroccan coast allows products to be available fresh throughout the year.

Morocco, among the world leaders in the field

In order to ensure that its potential is maintained and to be attentive to the most demanding international markets, the industry of fishery products is established in many cities, from Tangier in the north to Dakhla in the far south.

It is thus the world and continental leader:


Morocco is the leading producer and exporter of fishery products in Africa


Morocco is the world’s leading exporter of sardines and canned sardines


Morocco is the world’s leading exporter of octopus


Morocco is the second largest exporter of semi-preserved anchovies in the world

A significant halieutic wealth

Morocco has a pool of halieutic wealth that is caracterized by a relatively high diversity, namely :

  • Pelagics (sardines, mackerel, tuna, etc.),
  • White fish (hake, wolf, conger, etc.),
  • Cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid, etc.),
  • Crustaceans (shrimp, lobster, etc.),
  • Shells
  • Algae

All these varieties are exported as fresh products or valued in canning or in freezing factories