Seafood From Morocco

A strategic geographical position

Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa. It is bounded to the North by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, to the South by Mauritania, to the East by Algeria and to the West by the Atlantic Ocean. – Two maritime facades: Atlantic: 2.934Km, Mediterranean: 512Km.

Thanks to its strategic geographical position and its propitious hydro-climatic conditions, Morocco has one of the most important fishery resources in the world.

Its waters full of fish, its fertile soil and its sunshine are significant assets that allow the country to develop its sector well.

 Data of the sector

The sector, which employs several hundred thousand people, achieves a diversified and important annual production that ranks Morocco as the leading producer and exporter of seafood products in Africa. All the varieties caught are exported as fresh products or valorized in canning or freezing factories.

The sector includes several activities such as fish canning, semi-preserved fish, packaging for export of fresh seafood, freezing, manufacture of fish meal and oil and processing of seaweed.

It represents nearly half of food exports.

Morocco has established itself as a very important exporter in recent years. Indeed, it has been able to export an average of 1,400,000 tons of fish per year for the last three years.

It is the leading exporter of canned sardines and semi-preserved anchovies in the world.

Seafood From Morocco


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