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The Moroccan Federation of Seafood processing Industries (FENIP) is a professional organization created on November 21, 1996. FENIP brings together all the professional associations in the sector of seafood development industries, namely:

  • The semi-preserved fish industry: represented byAMASCOP (Moroccan Association Of Semi Preserved Fish)
  • The fishmeal and oil industry: represented by ANAFAP(National Association of Manufacturers of Fish Meal andOil)
  • Ground freezing of seafood: represented by ANICOM(National Association of Seafood Freezing Industries)
  • The seafood processing industries in Agadir representedby FIPROMER
  • The fish canning industry: represented by UNICOP
  • The seaweed processing industry (AGAR AGAR), associated member.
  • The aquaculture sector: represented by the UNAM(National Union of Aquaculturists of Morocco).

Fenip’s missions

The main missions of FENIP revolve around:

  • Representing and defending the interests of its members
  • Studying the appropriate measures to develop industries for processing fishery products and improving the conditions of production, distribution and sale of products.
  • Providing its members with any assistance likely to promote and develop their activities.

Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention:

  • Capacity building: Provide assistance to associations and member companies to improve the capacities of their staff through training workshops and information seminars.
  • Networking: providing members with a large net workthrough numerous events that they organize either directly or through the various fruitful partnerships with public and private institutions.
  • Market knowledge: Provide assessments, sector studies,market and product monitoring sheets to supportassociations and companies for a better knowledge ofmarkets as well as consumption habits.
  • B2B networking, organization of business missions andparticipation in fairs: FENIP connects its members withbuyers and prospects from different countries and regionsof the world. The Federation offers them supervisionduring trade fairs and specialized exhibitions, facilitatesB2B meetings, organize sales missions, combining themwith site visits or study and prospecting visits.

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