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Presentation of the label of Moroccan fishery products

Benefiting from a 3,500 km coastline, shared between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has great potential in the fisheries sector. Therefore, fishing, processing and exploitation of seafood play an important role in the economic and social development of the country.

In addition to its expertise at the national level, Morocco has the vocation of being a major exporter of fishery products. The country has been able to adapt to the requirements of international markets to meet the strong increase in world demand for seafood. It has also equipped itself with a modern development infrastructure and has implemented a development policy that meets its objectives of quality and competitiveness.

Moroccan SeaFood

The MOROCCAN SEAFOOD label is based on the following communication lines:

– Sustainability: Highlighting the initiatives undertaken to contribute to the improvement of the sustainable management of Moroccan fisheries,

– Sensory Value: Highlighting the sensory values of Moroccan seafood (taste, appearance, texture, …);

– Industrial Know-How: Communicating on the know-how of the Moroccan fishing industry;

– Authenticity & Tradition: Promote the authenticity of Moroccan fish species and enhance the traditional and artisanal fishing methods.

To ensure better sustainability, Morocco has undertaken the following measures:

Strengthening the resources of scientific fisheries research, monitoring fishing vessels by VMS (Vessel Monitoring System), setting up fisheries management plans, creating marine protected areas, eliminating drift nets, etc.

Today, more than 90% of the catches made are managed by plans (small pelagics, octopus, tunas, swordfish, shrimps, seaweeds, coral, etc.). The management of the development plans are mainly based on the principle of quotas, seasonal closures, management of fishing capacity, control and monitoring. And in order to strengthen the credibility of the MSF, several programs have been launched by Morocco, such as

– The Blue Belt Initiative launched by Morocco during COP22, which is a concrete response through action, to the issues and challenges of sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture both in Africa and the Mediterranean.

– Involvement in two programs:

FIPs (Fishery Improvement Project) for Sardine and Anchovy.

FIPs developed by SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership) aim to improve the sustainability performance of fisheries and support them up to the level of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) ecological certification.

More information on these two FIPs is available on the FisheryProgress platform:

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