Seafood From Morocco



The shellfish of Morocco are renowned for their exceptional quality. Consisting of pink shrimp, royal lobster, pink lobster, langoustine and lobster; these shellfish are the flagship species of Morocco.

Pink shrimp: This is the most well-known type of shrimp, a decapod crustacean that measures between 8 and 16 centimeters in length and lives between 20 and 700 meters deep. Rich in proteins and low in fat, it is a source of vitamins, phosphorus and iodine, and also contains omega-3 which is essential to the body.

Pink spiny lobster: Large crustacean that measures between 20 and 40 centimeters, it is characterized by an elongated body, segmented with white spots on the body. It can be found from Agadir to Cape White. The pink lobster contains a lot of proteins and is low in calories. It contains vitamins of the B group, mineral salts and trace elements.

Lobster: Characterized by a robust body and a dark blue color. The lobster measures between 23 to 50 centimeters and can even reach 65 centimeters. It lives on the rocky funds up to 150 meters of depth. The lobster is very nutritious, it contains zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin B12.

Nephrops: It has a tubular body which can measure between 10 to 24 cm and a carapace provided with a well developed rostrum. It lives at a depth of 20 to 800 meters. The langoustine is an excellent source of protein and also contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, trace elements and several vitamins.