Seafood From Morocco



Morocco is a country with shores on the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, it has a very important maritime richness. Morocco is a country particularly conducive to the breeding, development and growth of seashells.

A wealth of shells little known with a delicate flavor, it combines several nutrients essential for the body. Seashells, the fruit of a historical heritage, are mollusks whose body is covered by a shell. Nationally, Morocco has several seashell harvesting sites from north to south.

The production of shells in Morocco comes mainly from the activity of collecting and aquaculture, the harvest is done either directly by hand or with a hammer to be able to pull them from the rocks.

Morocco is home to a wide variety of these refined species whose main species are:

Oysters: with their firm and crunchy flesh, Moroccan oysters benefit from waters rich in plankton perfectly adapted to their breeding. The result of a historical heritage, these mollusks are excellent sources of vitamin as well as several other nutrients.

Mussel: widespread between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, with a unique mode of cultivation and processing and traditional modes of collection, Moroccan mussels are particularly rich in amino acid and iron.