Seafood From Morocco



Morocco, the demersal resources are characterized by the diversity of the species of which they are composed and by the fishing techniques implemented for their exploitation. These resources present an important production potential.

With an exceptional flavor and rich in nutritional values, Moroccan cephalopods are remarkably popular among national and international consumers.

Adapted to Moroccan seas, cephalopods fishing is practiced with ancestral techniques.

Exported in different forms (fresh and frozen), the main species of cephalopods in Moroccan seas are octopus, squid and cuttlefish:

Octopus: Among the most fished varieties in Morocco, the octopus is one of the emblematic species in the Moroccan coasts, it is appreciated by all consumers, rich in nutrients, it plays an important role in the body’s health. Morocco is ranked among the world leaders in octopus exports.

Squid: Squid is one of the most caught species in Morocco, it is characterized by a distinct head, bilateral symmetry, a mantle, a peribuccal crown of muscular and protractile arms with suckers and/or hooks. Its tentacles are shorter than its long-tapered body. Squids have colonized all the oceans of the world and most of the seas. We find them in abundance on the Moroccan coasts. It is a species that is characterized by a particularly low lipid content and high protein content.

Cuttlefish: an extraordinary species both by its shape and its way of living. Indeed, it is considered the most intelligent of mollusks. The cuttlefish’s flesh is known for its unique taste and subtle aroma. It contains a large quantity of healthy elements.